Berkshire Blanket Hotel Distributor

Bringing the Comfort of Home....on the Road.



                       Berkshire Hospitality is              the national distributor to the        
hotel/lodging and 
extended care industries for Berkshire Blanket
NEW Opulence Collection Color!
Opulence Collection Smoke
Opulence Collection - Smoke
We are excited to introduce the latest color addition to our Opulence Collection....Smoke

Berkshire Blanket is the proven market leader in
quality fleece bedding products.

The soft and luxurious touch of our blankets, throws, and bed sheets is second to none.  

Well crafted polyester bedding is inherently easy to care for,
allowing for simple laundering either in-house or
processed by a commercial laundry.

Processing Berkshire Blanket bedding is less costly than traditional linens. Laundering will consume far less water and require less harmful detergents. In addition, with the cost of cotton at a near all-time high, hotels are quickly recognizing the advantages of furnishing their guest rooms with microfiber bedding. 

Our main distribution centers are in Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA so we have you covered like a blanket...a Berkshire Blanket!